Oriental Rug Pad

An easy way to prolong the life of your beautiful oriental rug is by purchasing a quality rug pad.

Underlayment for your rug not only protects the rug itself, it also protects the flooring underneath. If you have hardwood floors we highly recommend a quality rug pad for your hand-knotted rug. It will help keep the rug in place by preventing any annoying shifting or buckling.

All wall-to-wall carpet in a home has a carpet padding installed underneath, so why not do the same for your more valuable hand-knotted rugs? A quality rug pad will provide a cushion and add comfort while walking on oriental rugs.

Our premium non-slip rug pad won’t allow spills or pet accidents to soak through the pad, damaging the flooring underneath. Most of the pad we sell has a solid rubber backing with an upper-surface designed to grip the rug more effectively.

These pads are great for:

  1. Hardwood
  2. Tile
  3. Concrete
  4. Laminate
  5. …and more!