We have not been active on social media for about a month, but for good reason. We have been busy upgrading various aspects of our rug cleaning facility. Before Covid-19 hit we had plans to upgrade our facility and operations during our normal slow months of February and March. Although February and March weren’t necessarily that slow, April ended up being slow, allowing us to get a lot done.

Wash floor upgrades

Our first order of business was to upgrade our wash floor by reorganizing the things we use most often. Detergents were put in plastic jugs with dispensers for easy and quick access, and placed on a Gladiator shelf right at our wash floor. Washing tools such as rug squeegees, brushes, and our pressure washer were mounted and hung with Gladiator hooks. Basically we wanted everything off the floor to look nice, but also function easily. We accomplished both. Detergents and tools that are not frequently used were taken to a Gladiator storage cabinet.

We also added an electric water heater right at our wash floor. Most rugs are washed in room temperature water, or warm water, but occasionally we have the need for hot water for dye stripping or extremely dirty rugs. Having this heater is so much more convenient than having to take a bucket to the water closet or bathroom to get hot water.

Installing white epoxy on our rug washing floor
And finally our last wash floor upgrade, and most important, is the installation of premium epoxy. Having a white wash floor helps our washing significantly by allowing us to see more clearly the dirt coming out of rugs while squeegeeing them. Basically, we don’t stop cleaning until the dirt that comes out is 100% clear. Pre-inspection and post-inspection photos look much better now as well. And it certainly does look fancy!
White epoxy rug washing floor

Tumble Duster

Framing our tumble duster room
Tumble duster room

There are many ways to dust a rug, from throwing it over a pole and beating it with a broom, to tumble dusting, and several methods in between. For years we used a strap duster. Rugs are laid flat, upside down, and the strap duster is slowly pushed back and for over the back of the rug. This machine has several leather straps on the bottom that spin and “beat” the dust out of the rug.

This is a very time consuming way of dusting rugs. A small rug can be done in 10 minutes or less, but a large rug might take 30 minutes or more. It basically required a full time employee to do this job. So we decided to purchase a tumble duster made by Centrum Force.

A tumble duster is a piece of machinery that can dust up to 10 rugs at a time in 30 minutes. And it doesn’t require a laborer to operate it. Rugs are thrown into the tumbler, and it slowly turns as the rugs tumble over each other. This action allows all the dry soils to drop out of the rug onto the ground. So not only does a tumble duster remove dry soils more effectively, it does it in a lot less time, and doesn’t require a worker to operate it. The duster is isolated in a small room with a dust collector, that way small dust is not spreading throughout our shop. Large dust and debris falls to the floor.

After the room was constructed we purchased a steel roll up door to close the room off. We also added a window on the side to quickly see if a cycle is complete.

Tumble duster room

Tracking Customers

We are still a small enough rug cleaning company that we like to track customer orders on a big dry erase board. There are rug facility software systems out that that can track rugs through software and barcodes, but something about being able to quickly see all what’s currently in house is something that we really like.

We had been using an inexpensive 4’x8’ dry erase board, and although it served its purpose, we just didn’t love it. So we replaced it with an attractive glass dry erase board. When a rug comes in, we tag it, take pictures of it, then add the customer name and order info to our dry erase board.

The board has all info needed for the order: quantity of rugs, how many rugs need pet treatments, rug pad, repairs, etc. It’s also very convenient being right next to our finishing area as well.