When you choose Kansas City Rug Cleaning and Repair to restore your rugs, we promise you the best experience. No more hassle of dropping off and picking up your rugs for cleaning. We are happy to pick up and drop off your rug and answer any questions you have, in person.

How to receive an estimate

Getting an estimate to clean or repair your rug is easy. Just give us a call on our office line at (913) 738-9066 or email us. We’ll need some information about the rug such as:

  • Type of rug
  • Size
  • Are there any pet accidents?
  • Do you need any repairs?

If emailing, please attach a couple pictures of the rug, both front and back. If there are any repairs that need to be made we typically like to discuss this over the phone because it’s much easier to explain the various options.


How rug pick up/drop off works


Unlike the cable guy, we schedule all of our pickups and drop offs by appointment and not by block scheduling.

  1. Call us to schedule a pick up
  2. We arrive on time
  3. We move the furniture on top of the rug
  4. We roll up the rug and move furniture back
  5. The rug is safely transported to our shop in our van
  6. We wash and/or repair your rug
  7. We call you when finished to setup an appointment for delivery
  8. We arrive on time for drop off
  9. We move the furniture and unroll rug
  10. We move the furniture back onto the rug