Rug Repair


Repairing an oriental rug is more affordable than most people think. Fixing side-cords or fringes is a very common repair over the lifespan of an oriental rug and can typically be completed within just a couple of weeks or less. Investing in repairs not only restores the beauty and stabilizes the rug to prevent further damage, it can often restore the monetary value as well.


We can fix oriental rugs that are damaged from:

  • Physical damage such as fringes and side-cords
  • Dye bleeding/migration
  • Stains from accidents
  • Pet urine odor and discoloration
  • Tears/rips/holes
  • …and more!

We have the experience to fix the most complicated problems on any type of rug including antique oriental rugs.

Hand-made rug fringe repair before and after
Bokhara rug fringe repair
Dhurrie rug end repair
Oriental rug fringe repair