4 Tips to Find Handmade Rug Deals on eBay

Here at Kansas City Rug Cleaning & Repair we are in the business of rug cleaning and rug restoration. However, we also have a small selection of handmade rugs for sale and we are happy to refer you to a reputable local rug dealer. Another great place to find handmade rugs at a great price is Ebay. Here are some tips to score great rug finds on Ebay.

Written by Seth Swank

Tip 1. Search by Auction Listings

“Buy it now” listings are usually listed at much higher prices and it is hard to gauge the true value of a rug listed as a “buy it now”. Instead search for “auction listings”. The final price of auction listings will usually more accurately reflect the real value of a rug.

Switch rug search from buy it now to auction

Tip 2. Search by Sold Listings

Search by “sold items” every once in a while to see what rugs in your given size and design are selling for. This will help you to know the value of the style of rugs you are interested in and will prevent you from overbidding on a rug. This is a great tip for any type of item on Ebay. Many people think their item has a high value because they see other sellers asking a high price for a similar item. However the real test of value is to see what such an item is actually selling for, not just the price it is listed at.

search by sold rug items ebay


Tip 3. Watch out for Modified Rugs

You can find many deals on Ebay, but always beware of modified rugs. An authentic rug will most likely not have bright colors such as bright yellows, greens or pinks. If a rug has these colors it is most likely over-dyed. If this type of rug fits your style that is totally fine! Just know that it has been modified from its original state. Also look out for rugs that have been sized down. Pay careful attention to the borders on a rug. Sometimes a seller will size down a rug because of damage or to make several rugs out of one. Finally, look closely at the fringes to see if they are original or if new fringes have been sewn on. If a seller has poor quality photos, move on to a different listing!

check for modified rugs ebay

Tip 4. Follow Rug Specific Sellers

Follow sellers who sell only rugs. Sellers who specialize in rugs will have better photos and better descriptions of their rugs than sellers who sell a variety of items. Always look for photos of the back of the rug. If you cannot see the design on the reverse and instead there is a canvas or material backing, the rug may be a tufted rug. Tufted rugs are not made with the same quality as handmade rugs. Here are a few sellers that we recommend following: maymayrugs, paktraders, rugemporium240

save sellers on ebay that only sell rugs

Using these tips you can find great rug deals on Ebay! Take some time to get acquainted with the large variety of rugs being sold on Ebay, and if you have any questions about purchasing a rug feel free to ask us!