Picking up a wool rug for storage
Oriental rugs wrapped up
Rolled up Persian rug

Why it's important

There are many reasons why a rug owner would need to store their rug. Perhaps you are moving, or you like to change out different rugs between seasons. If you intend to place your rug in long-term storage, for any reason, we highly recommend it be professionally wrapped.

Wrapping the rug will prevent the rug from getting wet, dirty, and will also prevent moth damage. We do not use plastic wrap to store rugs. Plastic will not allow the rug to properly breathe and will not allow moisture to escape.

How it's stored

If you're limited on space, or simply want to remove the hassle of storage, we can store your rug on shelving in our humidity and temperature controlled storage room. We guarantee the safest storage environment for your oriental rug.

Don't forget we offer free rug pickup and delivery! So if want to store certain rugs over the winter we are happy to do pick them up and drop them off.

When wrapping a rug for long-term storage we use a light-weight, durable, composite material that will keep out moisture but also allow the wool fibers to breathe. The material will keep out and repel water but it allows interior moisture to escape.