Dusting an oriental rug with a Rug Badger

How to maintain an oriental rug at home

Oriental rugs can often have a sizeable financial investment as well as great sentimental value. With proper maintenance at home, combined with occasional professional washing, they can last for generations.

The best thing you can do for your rug is vacuum it often. Make sure to keep the vacuum a safe distance from the fringes, they can easily get caught in a vacuums brush and damage tassels or destabilize fringes. It is common for a rug to "shed" the first year as wool yarns not tied to the foundation loosen.

Another great way to help safeguard the quality of your rug is by purchasing a nice rug pad. A quality rug pad will provide a comfortable cushion and help prevent wear. It will also keep the flooring underneath protected. Many rugs are placed on hardwood floors; a nice rug pad will keep the rug from sliding, buckling and shifting of the rug.

We also recommend rotating the rug occasionally. This will distribute foot traffic over the rug preventing one area from wearing down excessively.

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